3 chairs

3 chairs

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And after Monday.....

So yesterday was not good but could have been a lot worse.We had to go into San Antonio to get some materials to repair the utility room wall and take our vacuum in to get it repaired. While driving in the well guy called and said he might not be able to pull the pump. Evidently the pump had heated up because the extreme cold had frozen the pipes at the top and it couldn't push water through. If it gets hot enough the well pipe will shrink.He was hoping to pull hard enough to break the pipe leaving the old pump in there. Install a new pump a little higher and water should flow around the old pump. He said that works most of the time. If it didn't you have to drill a new well! Real expensive! He said he would call me back shortly and let me know what happened. Didn't here from him for an hour and I'm freaking out! I finally call him and he says he got the old pump out. The well seal from fighting him. Good news! He installed the new pump and put what's called a pump saver on it. If the pump is running dry our cannot move water this automatically shuts the pump off. So one problem fixed. Today I have to replace the sheetrock in the Utility room and do some tape and bed. Should finish that and get the washer and dryer back in in a couple days. Wednesday it's off to get some walnut for a couple of chairs I'm doing for us. I'm going to post some pictures in the next few days of pieces I built over the years. So I'll be back on track shortly. Have a great day!

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Stephanie said...

Glad to now see that your well was fixable :) I will try to dig out some pics of the crib for you, I only have about 200 to choose from!! Ha Ha :)