3 chairs

3 chairs
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shop photos

This is looking from the front of the shop. Powermatic 64 table saw
to be replaced by a 5hp Sawstop. This sucker got my thumb 2 years ago.

Left side of the shop. Cut off saw and bench. 
Right side. Dewalt 13" planer and 6" Rigid jointer. Both will be replaced.
The dust collector will be placed by the stairs in the background 

18" Rikon bandsaw. Pretty good one
Not going anywhere.

Small electric tool storage. Doubles as my outfeed table and work bench.
I'll be building a real workbench when I get a new table saw.
Also will install central dust collection system.

1 comment:

Heyglassman said...

Wow....what a nice shop Ronnie! Great to see it.