3 chairs

3 chairs

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Sorry I've been gone so long but I've been hard at work in the shop, working on the 2 bath cabinets as well as the 3 medicine cabinets.

Spent a few days making panels for the cabinets. The 2 drawer units are about 24" tall and 16" deep and 12" wide. Since you can't buy lumber that wide everything is glued up. 

Lots of panels.

This is the knotty alder for the 3 medicine cabs. Alder is very pretty and relatively inexpensive.

Since I had lots of dovetails to do I bought a new jig. It's the Leigh d4r pro. You can do variable spaced dovetails instead of being limited to specific drawer sizes. And as with any new tool there is a learning curve. I spent some time learning to use the jig and after a short period I was able to make some good joints. Should help with some up coming pieces I have to build.

These are some of the practice runs I did trying to dial in the jig; both through and half-blind dovetails.

This is the first effort at through dovetails on the jig.

This is the completed medicine cabs.

And the doors.

I decided to dovetail the cases on the drawer units and allow the joinery to show.

Here's a drawer dry fit.

Bottom of the drawer.

And a finished case.

Drawers done.

These will both get some castors on the bottom as per the customers request.

I'm going to put 3 coats of amber shellac and one coat of wax to give it an aged look. It's supposed to be really cold tomorrow so I might have to wait till Monday to finish. Have a great weekend!

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