3 chairs

3 chairs
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Not much to show you today. I was able to glue the seat together and that will have to wait for tomorrow to mess with. I won't do any more on the front legs until I can access the notches in order to fine tune the fit. Peggy and I had to go into San Antonio to run some errands and I had to get another chunck of cherry for the bench. While we were in town we went to see "Warhorse". What a great movie! It's one that is definitely worth seeing on the big screen. 
Took some doing but it's glued together.Tomorrow I'll flip it over and start shaping the seat. I cut the curves and the front scallops before putting it together since it's so big. I didn't cut the curves on the ends yet since I needed the square surfaces for clamping. Should be able to fit the front legs, round them over, and get the seat sanded. Lot's of pictures tomorrow!

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