3 chairs

3 chairs

Monday, January 9, 2012


Friday and Saturday I had to got to a friend's ranch just outside of Burnet ( pronounced "burn it") and repair a couple of well houses. They had the roofs blown off a while back because of tornado that passed through there. Finished up Saturday morning and headed back. It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive from here. On  Texas highway 29, which runs from Burnet to Llano, there are 2 bald eagle's nests. Peggy and I saw a report on tv about them a couple of years ago. There is a pull-off so you can stop and observe them. There was an eagle in one of the nests, and you could see his white head peering above the edge. Pretty cool. There is also a train that runs from Austin to Burnet and back on Saturdays complete with a gunfight. They also have a murder mystery ride. It's operated by the Austin Steam Train Association. You can get info on that by clicking here.
 On to the pictures.
Sunday I started rounding the front legs. I use the 24 grit wheel first followed by rasps and sanding.
Before and after. I'll do quite a bit of finish sanding before glueing. This is going to be a tough chair to turn over and get to some spots while sanding. I spent most of the afternoon watching football. How 'bout Tim Tebow?

This morning I fished rounding the front legs and did quite a bit of sanding on the seat. I milled the blanks for the back legs and cut them out on the bandsaw after lunch. Same process as the front legs: cut he dadoes, round over above and below, and file and sand to get a good fit.

Like this.

Started rounding the back legs. The outside back legs can be partially rounded on the shaper 

Seat sanded to 600.

Gets a nice shine

I was trying to show the undulations in the seat. It's turning out really good!

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