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3 chairs
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Arms

I haven't quite finished the repair job but I was able to get a little done yesterday evening. Today I have to get paint for the job so I'll be away most of the day. Living in the country is nice but you have to put up with a lot of windshield time in order to get materials.
I cut and milled the blanks for the backrests and fit them. They will get a lot of shaping later.

I also cut and milled the arm blanks. They get a curve cut in them. I draw the profile and re-saw them on the bandsaw.

This one has been cut.

Then I take the piece I just cut and move it to the other side.

And with lots of glue and clamps. I'll let this dry over night.

I glued this one together last night. Scrape the glue and joint both edges. You can see the curve now.

After the profile is drawn I take it to the bandsaw and.....

It looks like this.

And this.

It gets a dowel in the top of the front leg through the arm. Glued and screwed where the arm attaches to the back leg.

Front view. It's only dry fit right now. I have to do some more sanding in some places that will be hard to reach after it's glued.

This is going to be a garden shed for Peggy. I had some guys set the forms yesterday. They are coming back Monday to tie steel and probably pour Tuesday or Wednesday. It will be 12' x 14'.

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