3 chairs

3 chairs

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had safe and Happy New Year and we all feel good today! Peggy worked the past 3 days so we went to bed pretty early last night. It's been a long time since we rang in the new year and I suspect it won't happen very often in the future. The hazards of getting old I guess. Last week I went into San Antonio to get some materials for a closet cabinet for us and a bench for a customer. I drove in on Monday only to find everything closed! Well, Yeah! Christmas was on Sunday! Of course! So I went back Tuesday and got what I needed. Same thing tomorrow. I spent last week on a job in the field a couple of days but I was able to build a much needed cabinet for our closet. It's a little over 4' wide with adjustable shelves. I thought I would finally make good on my promise to post some past projects. So here's a few.

First the newest project.  Built it out of red oak since that was pretty cheap. I usually buy  my 4/4 and plywood from Roddis Lumber in San Antonio.

Peggy got this idea from Pinterest. An easy clothes hamper.

This is a lowback settee out of walnut in the Maloof style.

I really like walnut. Did I already say that?

This is one of a pair of dining chairs again in walnut, again in the Maloof style.

Double rocker, walnut and maple. I really like using contrasting woods.

This is an ottoman out of cherry and maple. It is also chair height so it adds extra seating. Kind of an industrial looking thing.

Built this as our entertainment center. The top is alder and the cabinet is poplar with a black milk paint and a satin sealer. The fabric panels can be changed to fit the season. I did one similar for a customer that was a little longer and had 4 doors and no drawers.

I'm sitting in this chair now. It's cherry and maple and is extremely comfortable. It will rock and has everything an office chair is supposed to have. Again in the Maloof style. I'm starting to see a pattern here.

Peggy saw a picture of a cabinet similar to this and she asked me to recreate it. Poplar and birch plywood.  It's painted and distressed and very functional. Stands about 6' tall.

This is Peggy's sewing center. I got the plans for this from Rockler as well as all the hardware. The machine is on a lift and the cabinet closes up and looks like a buffet. I designed and built the chair for her to match the cabinet. It's all cherry. There is even a spot for her serger. Sorry about the lighting. It's very sunny today.

I finished this china hutch in the fall. Mahogany and maple. Stands about 8' tall and 5' long. The glass is called "seeded" and we got it from my classmate Jim Berry at Blue Moon Glassworks in Austin. A great place. We used a piece of really nice granite for the top since we use it as our bar. The hinges are called rat-tail hinges. Really cool looking.  All of these pieces are for sale or I can be commissioned to build what ever your heart desires. Next week we should see some progress on the bench. Thanks for reading and let's have a great New Year!

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