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3 chairs
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 10

Got going on the duct for the dust collection yesterday. A lot of boxes and a lot of fittings! Everything goes together well and they provide a crimp tool if you need to make one end smaller to fit in the adjoining pipe. The plan provided is very detailed and easy to read. The only adjustments needed are in the straight sections of pipe. They are all 5" sections and they are not snapped together which makes for easier cutting. Still this is 26 gauge metal so it's pretty robust.
Some of the fittings.

More fittings

This is the line going to the shaper and floor sweep.

The other end of that run.

Floor sweep.

The shaper has 2- 4" dust ports, one off the back of the fence and one that draws from below the cutter.

These are the blast gates. They are used to control which line is in use.

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Stephanie said...

It looks great, I don't understand 90% of what you're saying in this post, but I'm just going with the fact that it's shiny and new and you love it!! Ha ha :)