3 chairs

3 chairs
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's cold!!

Texas is not supposed to get this cold. I got up this morning and it was 23! I guess I'll have to turn the heat on in the shop in a few minutes. Today the dust collection system arrives! I hope to have it all installed by the weekend. I ordered from Onieda Air. They will provide a detailed layout of all the duct and fittings for free when you order a 3hp system or larger. If it's smaller they have a $200 charge. Not bad. I ordered the 5hp Pro 2000. I have to run a new circuit for the system. No problem.  I spent the day yesterday designing a new bed for us using Google Sketchup. This a really good 3d design program that is free. Free is good! Takes awhile to get to know it but the more you use it the easier it gets. I designed the latest project,a  kitchen and bath cabinet job, with it, and it came out nice. The ability to see your design in 3d is great. I finally finished the second dining chair. It's in the shop waiting to get more coats of finish on it. I also spent the weekend getting the shop cleaned out. Sometimes you hoard too many scraps and with the burn ban finally lifted I got the lumber storage pared down to a workable amount. Still have to build a sheet goods storage rack and some additional tool storage cabinets but I'm getting there.
This is the bed I designed with Sketchup yesterday. I was inspired by furniture maker named Mark Love. His studio is in Wimberly, Texas. He builds beautiful Asian and art-deco inspired furniture.

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Stephanie said...

Beautiful bed!! I can't wait to see it! What kind of wood are you using to make it? I think we need some pictures of your shop up here. For some very dumb reason, I didn't make it out there to look around??? I kept meaning to, just forgot :) So when you thaw out, take some pics! Miss you guys!