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3 chairs
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Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12

We had B&B guests this weekend. 2 great couples from Austin. Peggy had to work on Saturday so I was in charge of the cooking. Let me tell ya, I make a pretty mean buttermilk biscuit! Just saying. I was able to work on the DC system Saturday and Sunday afternoon and I got some done. Spent all day today on it and all the duct is installed! Still have to run a new circuit and I started pulling wires for that a few minutes ago. Decided to stop since I'll have to turn off the power and it's too dark for that now. Thought I share some before and after pictures.

This a panoramic view I took last Tuesday when I finished cleaning the shop. 

Last Tuesday from the front looking back.

Left side of the shop looking back.

This is how we look now. The collector and the planer.At the right foreground is the drop for the table saw and jointer.

A better look at that and the shaper and floor sweep in the back right.

I built a hood for the miter saw. I'll have to see if this works . If not we'll go to Plan B!

The drum sander in front and the band saw in the back.

Looking from the back of the shop.

I wonder how loud it's going to be. Find out tomorrow. Have a good evening!

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