3 chairs

3 chairs
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 14

The collector is up and running and it works really well. There is a remote for it which is really convenient. Dust collection is good at all the tools and excellent on some. The table saw would need an over-arm collector to be 100%. There is always some dust escaping from the top especially with the zero clearance plate in. I need to add a hose to the bottom of the shroud on the miter saw and I have enough fittings left to do that. As far as sound goes it's not a whole lot louder than the shop vac. The only machine I didn't use today was the shaper but the planer got a lot of work today and that real puts out the chips. So over all I have to give the Oneida Pro 2000 a solid 5 stars. On to wood working: If you recall I started Nancy Stroud's tea chair just as the delivery was being made on Wednesday. I cut the leg notches and routed for the joint yesterday evening. I glued the seat up and let it dry over night.

This morning I cut the seat shape on the bandsaw and did the shaping and sanding.
The 2 pieces on the left will be the lower stretchers.
They wil get shaped tomorrow.

I cut and milled all the wood for the legs and head crest and glued them up. These need to dry over night. I'll have some detail pictures tomorrow as these will get cut and shaped.
And finally, this is our 7 year old granddaughter Lily.
She was in a Christmas play at school yesterday. As I understand it she was the Mayor's wife. Isn't she great!? Wish I could have been there! 

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Ron and Peggy said...

Can't believe how much work that dust collection system was. The shop is cleaner than the house now! Especially Ron's office.